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Still Some Rare Rewards Available

Some AI-generated werewolf pictures I’ve been tooling around with.

We’re almost at the end of the BLACK MARKS Kickstarter campaign. But there are some rare and unusual rewards still available:

  • if you’re a writer or you know a writer, there’s one manuscript critique available
  • A single copy of the editor’s mark up of the 2016 draft – an exclusive pdf copy of the book’s original draft with all the editor’s comments and corrections throughout it (one only)
  •  Personal QnA session with the author (which can be about whatever you’d like to chat about on Zoom)
  • and of course, there are still ebooks and paperbacks waiting to be snapped up. 

Click here and take a look … and nab something interesting and different!

Also, if you never finished (or started!) the Doomsday’s Child series, you can pick up any of its installments as an “add-on” to any level you pledge (and at a slightly lower price than on Amazon).

Black Marks is the story of Jake Brennan, a werewolf hiding among Detroit’s homeless and using heroin to suppress his shifts. It’s also the story of Gwen Cheevey, a young doctor suffering burnout and a career crisis. 

Convinced his wolf-form tore a woman to pieces recently, Jake is desperate to atone for all his past transgressions, to erase the black marks on his soul. When he intervenes to save Gwen from a vicious assault, Jake’s image is captured by a bystander’s smartphone. Uploaded to social media, the video attracts the deadly attentions of a husband seeking vengeance, a wolf-hunter needing a scalp, and a long-lost relative with a dark history of his own.

Perhaps you know someone who’d love a book like this for Xmas or the holidays, for their birthday … or even as a pick me up.

My thanks to all who’ve supported the Kickstarter and helped it get off the ground.

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