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The CUSET-DCHC Universe

Separated by centuries, the CUSET and Confederation (DCHC) periods are two distinct eras of human space exploration.

The CUSET (Corporate Union Space Exploration Treaty) era was marked by explosive expansion after the discovery of FTL travel (what became known as leapfrogging or leaping). Many habitable planets were settled (and exploited) as were the star systems near them (for mining and sometimes R&D purposes). During this time, CUSET’s only rival in space was the People’s Republic of China who were also expanding into Earth’s solar system and a handful of extra-solar star systems.

Stories such as Eventide and Scrapper are set in this period, the novella Scrapper taking place about five years before Eventide.

The CUSET era and its expansionism came to a crashing halt when the alien virus named PBT devastated human colonies and cut them off from each other, sending the survivors back in pre-industrial societies for almost eight hundred years.

The Confederation era was established a little under 800 years after Eventide takes place. Gradually, various colonies and factions had rediscovered star travel (chiefly Xerxian pirate factions in the early days). A confederation of worlds was formed (including former People’s Republic of China settlements), their individual governments lacking the corporation flavor and nature of CUSET days. Prior to 3010 Old Earth Calendar, the biggest threats to the Confederation’s peace were the remaining pirate factions who had originated from Xerxes and the reclusive and reactive Yun Dao system. That would change with the meeting of humans and Tluaanto in 3014 …

For more detail about human settlements and particular the shape of the Confederation during the Envoys series of novels, please click here for a downloadable companion guide.

CUSET novels in chronological order

  • Scrapper (free when subscribing to Pete’s newsletter)
  • Eventide
  • Void (work in progress)

Confederation novels in chronological order

  • Third Contact (Envoys 1)
  • Assured (Envoys 2)
  • The Stars Remain (Envoys 3) (coming late 2021)