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And so begins a personal endeavour.

I think I have a “problem”. It’s not a rare one, by any means. I keep meeting people with the exact same one.

You see, I buy books. I mean to read them. Honest. Then I don’t. Meanwhile I buy more books.

Not my real house. But it will be soon 🙁

I’ve stopped counting the books I own that I haven’t read (ebooks and paper), and the count stopped at 200. This is after we gave away a LOT of books when we moved house. Like probably, again, 200+.

And so I commence an endeavour. A personal endeavour. And I make it public for accountability and (hopefully) conversation. Before the end of The Year of Our Lord, 2024, I will attempt to read 125 books.

What do you mean, “Big deal?” How dare you! 😉

Sure my endeavour won’t be a physical one (except that I’m using my eyes which are physical and my brain which is physical…and my hands to hold the books. So it is a physical endeavour, dammit!)

And it won’t be a philanthropic one (except that I was kind of philanthropic when I paid for those books and gave those authors royalties. Kind of).

But it will require focus. And for me, it’s important. To reboot a pastime I love. But also because writers should be readers. And because I’ve paid for things I haven’t used, when one of my absolute pet hates is waste.

Also: I want to couple this with a return to the original Star Wars canon that I always loved (to wash the horrid Disney aftertaste from my brain). So around 40 of these books will be Star Wars novels. (Let’s hope I don’t get sick of ’em).

Do you wanna track my slow, plodding, introverted progress in this? You do?! Cool! You can do it via this spreadsheet.

As you can see, some of these books I’ve started. And bloody well need to finish!

If you ever want to chat about anything I’m reading (or about to read), you know where I am (on social media at least).


13 complete. And, of course, probably 10+ started and still under way. 😀

A couple of original canon Star Wars books underbelt and two on the go.

SW novels completed thus far (in Universe chronological order):

  • Death Troopers
  • Alliance
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  1. That a lot of reading. I’d have to give up writing.

    • I know what you mean. I have friends who fit in 100 books a year. And pump out novels and short stories. Dunno how they manage it. (I’m a slow reader too).

      What I will have to severely limit is Netflix and xBox. Hopefully this will be better for me. 😀

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