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Fully Funded and Still Going On

We crushed it. The BLACK MARKS special edition Kickstarter hit its financial target in 36 hours from launch. On Kickstarter, if a project doesn’t get enough backers to hit that target, it doesn’t go ahead. To do it so quickly was amazing.

A few days later, we have 183% of that target in backing… with new backers coming on every day. There are plenty more rewards and reward levels on offer, so there’s room for even more backers! This is the ONLY way you get this version of this book.

Our backing just a couple of days ago. Now at 183%.

Black Marks is the story of Jake Brennan, a werewolf hiding among Detroit’s homeless and using heroin to suppress his shifts. It’s also the story of Gwen Cheevey, a young doctor suffering burnout and a career crisis.

Convinced his wolf-form tore a woman to pieces recently, Jake is desperate to atone for all his past transgressions, to erase the black marks on his soul. When he intervenes to save Gwen from a vicious assault, Jake’s image is captured by a bystander’s smartphone. Uploaded to social media, the video attracts the deadly attentions of a husband seeking vengeance, a wolf-hunter needing a scalp, and a long-lost relative with a dark history of his own.

While Jake’s love for Gwen grows, the moon is also swelling, and his enemies circle. To be the better man, Jake may need to become the very monster he hates. The question is: can he control the beast long enough to protect Gwen, or will she become another mark against his name?

Hopefully you know someone who’d love a book like this for Xmas or the holidays, their birthday or even as a pick me up. Or you may like to try it for yourself.
PIkkie of me and book (A Guy and His Werewolf Book)

Stretch goals (new)

Stretch goals are perks or bonuses applied to the project when a certain amount is reached. When our pledges hit just $AUD800, that will unlock the following two perks for EVERY backer. (And at time of writing we’re a mere $75 away from hitting this)

LOCKED: “Nine Tales”

Ebook perk – Pete Aldin’s short story collection features a mix of horror, comedy, fantasy, and scifi. (You can read about it at

LOCKED: Bonus “post-credits” scene

PDF copy of “The Cafe” – a deleted BLACK MARKS scene that takes place two months after the main action. Not available anywhere else

Also, if you started reading the Doomsday’s Child series and never finished it, you can pick up any of its installments as an “add-on” to even the lowest of the pledge levels (which is $4).

Check it out! Hit the image above to visit the page and have a look-see.

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