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Your next new read (for only 0.99)

Here’s an exciting opportunity to grab 11 books for a mere 0.99 each. I don’t want you to miss out on this special deal, as these discounted prices finish at midnight Sunday (in the US). (That’s Monday midday for Aussies and Kiwis because of timezone differences).

Find your next favourite author…

Zoë Routh

Zoë is a Canadian-Australian adventurist and leadership futurist in Canberra, Australia. Her award-winning debut novel, The Olympus Project, follows world designers competing to build the first community on the Moon, but the challenges are human-made as they reach for lunar salvation. (I’m one chapter into this book; solid writing and interesting scifi – Pete)

Sev Romero

Sev Romero is a writer from Ngunnawal Country (Canberra, Australia) who was raised on a steady diet of wild 80’s and 90’s science-fiction. Hello Darkness is a creepy thriller that will keep the pages turning. (I have read this book a year back and absolutely loved it – Pete)

Gayle Katz

An always-curious weaver of words who tells stories about daring women living in dangerous worlds. Shadow of Death is the first of the ‘string walker’ time travel books that features awesome world-building. (I’m currently halfway through this book – Pete)

Kim Catanzarite

Kim is both a writer and editor, and has a blog for writers about her self-publishing journey. She has a Jovian sci-fi series which is awesome, and a recent modern day vampire book.

Len Fisher

Len calls himself a Dutch-American over-ambitious world-builder and his debut novel, Talos Awakening is a high octane rush about super soldiers in a world gone mad.

Rohan O’Duill

Rohan O’Duill is an Irish science fiction writer who loves to cook and was once a talented archer. Cold Rising is a chilling and descriptive jump off point for an oppressive Mars colony with an intriguing non-binary anti-hero.

Leon Stevens

A multi-genre author with an odd sense of humor. Leon’s The View from Here is an engrossing speculative fiction novel with first contact multi-dimensions.

Nick Snape

Nick says he is ‘a terrible mountain biker from Derbyshire, UK’. He is a prolific new author and his ‘Weapons of Choice’ series is fast-paced military sci-fi that will get your heart pumping!

J.C. Gemmell

J.C. lives on the UK’s south coast and uses his morning runs to plan his writing; his seaside view inspired The Fornax Assassin. It’s an unnerving murder mystery with layers of political intrigue, with a close-to-home portrayal of a global pandemic and the players who would take advantage.

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