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New Releases (in an all new universe!)

Co-author Andre Jones (City of Bridges) and I are proud to announce an all new, epic far future scifi series coming June 21 from Theogony Books and Chris Kennedy Publishing.

BOOK 1 in The Outer Reaches
Book 2 in The Outer Reaches

My contribution to the stories in this shared universe are a team of ancient soldiers, who were once on the losing side of a civil war. Called ‘Proselyti‘ (converts), they have chosen to serve their imperial victors to repair the damage caused to civilization across the galaxy.

1700 years (and many deep sleeps) later, they’re still serving, pulled from stasis whenever the whims of the latest Emperor or Command Staff decree it. Before returning to stasis, they are to carry out sensitive missions that further the Imperium’s interests…

But their numbers are dwindling, and those remaining are increasingly unsure about the choice they made and the shadow life they’re living…

Book 3 following AJ Gordon’s (Andre Jones’) characters will launch Early October and keep the fun rolling.

Watch for Book One June 21 and Book Two August 9. Available from and Amazon.

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