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What’s in the Cupboard? (July)


Already missed my deadline for last month. No excuse. Shabby shabby blogger…

Okay. Time to write. The rules: I take 3 random words from my Word Box (a box in which I throw post it notes and index cards with cool words I hear/read) and work them into a paragraph. Good for the creative juices, good for developing the vocabulary. This is a lot like taking random ingredients from the cupboard and combining them into a workable meal.

And the 3 words are … (drumroll please):

  • ciliated (having cilia – Latin for eyelashes – slender protuberances that project from the much larger cell body)
  • teredo (a kind of woodworm)
  • clot

…Bloody hell. Deep breath. Okay…

I ran my finger along the wood of the starboard bulkhead. Miniature bore holes pocked the planks here and there, evidence of teredos. My finger stopped at one hole that had been filled with a resin, clotted like a scab. I leaned close. The resin was ciliated in places where something grew. Mold? Or something much much worse?

And now for your challenge: last month’s words were:

  • flounce
  • pleat
  • scabrous

What can you make of them?


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