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Star Wars Ep 7 Cast Reveal

Everyone else will be tweeting, Googleplussing, FBing and blogging about this. So why not me?

I’m not sure whether to be hyperexcited or hypercynical about this. I’m so conflicted.

On the downside:

1. Abrams? Really? Although he did work miracles with the Star Trek reboot, most of the time his work entices only to disappoint.

2. [SPOILER] Chewbacca? But he died in the novels. And he died well. It irritates me that they’ll move away from the novel canon which has been carefully maintained and thought-out.

3. Carrie Fisher et al. Part of me is excited to see the original trio of actors (Fisher, Hamill, Ford) who maintained such awesome chemistry on screen. But they are not as we remember them (duh!), or as they appear (are represented) in the novels. I’m concerned this will detract from the film’s “cred”…

On the upside:

1. Max von Sydow. That’s all I’m saying.

2. Andy Serkis. As long as he ain’t Jar Jar (as I applaud this journalist for saying), the mind boggles and his role is sure to be awesome.

3. The droids. Yes. Yes. Yes. Lucas’ original idea was to have them as the common threads in the long saga. I like it. I like it a lot.

…The 11 year old in me is doing the gopher dance. And maybe the 47 year old should listen to him. He needs the magic of this series back in his life.

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