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Sales Pitch Loaded…and…GO!

You know what someone you care about needs for Xmas? A [post-apocalyptic/space marines/werewolf] book [choose whichever genre fits their tastes].

If you’re in Australia and think it’d be cool to give something a little different to a friend or family member who’s a reader, why not consider one of Yours Truly’s paperbacks? It would come signed by “the author”.

I can only offer this for residents of Australia unfortunately because shipping costs overseas from here are ridiculous. The price of a single book would be $18 (+ $10 freight if they’re in a metro area, $12 if they’re in rural Oz). Freight on two or three books is even lower.

The range is to be found here for your perusal.

If you’d like one (or four), drop me a line at . I have about 15 copies of each book left in my storeroom after a year of conventions and book markets…and no one’s gonna read them in there.

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