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Kickstarter for new Envoys Universe novel!


Have you ever said you’re going to get around to something so often and for so long that people stopped listening to you. And stopped expecting you to actually do it.

I’ve been promising a new Envoys Universe novel for a year now. I started writing the darn thing back then.

Then life happened. COVID and months of health problems, a bevy of house moves, my father passing away…

(Good things happened too. I co-wrote another space opera novel with a buddy of mine. Looking forward to that seeing the light of day).

All this is to say, the book is just about ready!

Coming Soon

Next steps for it:

  1. Locate a proofreader who’ll do a better job than the last one I employed. (I think I’ve found her.)
  2. Launch a Kickstarter to pay for the proofreader. The Kickstarter page is live. You can visit it here. You’ll get a sneak peek at the awesome cover art. And you can sign up for Kickstarter updates on the project too.
  3. Get a bucket load of readers to pledge during the Kickstarter (they’ll not only get an early copy of the book; they’ll get some bonus scenes in the back I won’t release on Amazon later).
  4. Once the dust settles on the Kickstarter, I’ll start the process for release on Amazon.

On another note, I’m trying to think of a better name for my world of novels than the CUSET-DCHC Universe or Envoys Universe. (You know, like Star Trek Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe…).

I wrote ‘Envoys Universe’ above…because so far it’s those three Envoys books that have outsold everything else I’ve written. But, I dunno. It’s not really accurate. New stories I’m writing are related to Envoys, but they’re not really part of that storyline or even that time period. (Although there is this idea for a follow on novel from The Stars Remain …)

If you have any bright ideas about a blanket term that might fit all the books I’ve released so far, I’d be very very interested to hear it…

Happy reading. Really hope you can jump on board the Kickstarter when it launches on March 26. I’m super excited about this new novel. It’s action action action… (Tap/click on the image above to register for Kickstarter alerts).

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