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New Book!

Hey, hey, need some space opera escapism? I got your space opera escapism right here!

The first installment in my Envoys Trilogy is now live at Amazon and Blurb. Check this page for links.

The Envoys trilogy will roll out over the next 12 months. Book Two is almost finished. From there, it goes to beta readers, then my editor and proofreader before (I hope!) publication in February.

Go check out THIRD CONTACT. I’ve had great feedback so far. Lots of action. And a badass female soldier I think you’ll fall in love with …

Why “Third” contact? These humans have met two intelligent species in a millenium of space travel. But it’s the third species they’re about to meet who’ll give them a run for their money …

By the way, if you’ve been enjoying my books and you’ve not left a review, please please please leave one. They make a huge difference to the visibility of an author’s books.

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