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The ENVOYS Series

Space opera adventure in deep space

Book One: Third Contact

900 years ago, we launched the probes, hoping to find the light of intelligence in the vast dark. The probes were never heard from again.

As humanity’s star-colonies struggle to emerge from a long dark age, the probes are all but forgotten. But a message from one of them offers bright hope at last …

In the year 3014, the fledgling Confederation of Colonies must overcome one last barrier to unity: the centuries-old scourge of the pirate factions.

When the crew of the starship Assured find themselves fighting the final pocket of pirate resistance on the verges of human-explored space, the battle is interrupted by a deep space transmission from a long-lost probe.

With the confirmation that sentient aliens are building their own space-faring civilization 260 lightyears away, the human race’s petty brawling seems suddenly insignificant. Humanity’s neighbors have extended an invitation. Assured is tasked with meeting them. Only one question remains …

Will they be friend … or foe?

Buckle on your shock armor and enter the fray in this space opera action thriller from the author of Eventide. Perfect for fans of Jay Allan, John Ringo, and Larry Niven.

Available from Amazon in paperback and eBook

Australian residents can contact the author directly for signed copies via pete (at) petealdin (dot) com

Book Two: Assured

There are many liars aboard the starship Assured
In the cold remote depths of space, lies can be deadly.

Available now from Amazon

Book Three: The Stars Remain

The thrilling conclusion to the Envoys trilogy.

When the surviving crew and passengers of the Assured find a way out of the Kh’het star system, they believe it’s the beginning of the long journey home to the Confederation.

But a new and rising power stands in the way of their escape

Available now from Amazon