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The 2024 Production Pipeline

One year closes and I take a breath before considering the next. So many plans, ideas, projects…so little time.

To stay focused, these are the two priorities for 2024:

  • Completing a new space opera trilogy (in a new universe) with fellow author Andre Jones. We’ve a decent chance at publication with a publisher we’ve pitched it to. Fingers crossed…but plenty of work to do.
  • At some point a Kickstarter for the production of an epic fantasy novel. This novel almost had a home with Angry Robot Books in 2013. Didn’t work out. Almost had a home with an Aussie publisher in 2016. Didn’t work out. Nearly had a home with a US publisher who “had” it for the past three years…You guessed it: didn’t work out. So I’m taking the opportunity to produce this one myself with the confidence that there were three publishers who wanted it (but kinda blew their chance at it haha).

Down the list of priorities (which means they’re probably a 2025 thing) are a survival novel set in the ENVOYS universe (and expanding that world), plus a novel that extends the ENVOYS trilogy to make it a quadrilogy (along with giving Denise Westermann of Exclusion Zone and Shore Leave a third and final novel for her own character arc).

Once those are done, there are two ‘trunk novels’ (novels I’ve had completed but have waited years to improve my writing before polishing one more time and releasing. They are a medieval fantasy religious crime story and a grimdark scifi crime thriller. Yep, I packed a lot in them, lol.

Hoping your 2024 has clear and inspiring goals. And that time to read and relax is amongst them.

Grace and peace to you.

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