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STORYTIME: The Giftmas Blog Train is A-Rollin’

It’s an absolute privilege to be a part of a multi-author creative fundraiser for disadvantaged people. The idea is simple. A bunch of us authors get together to tell a tag-team tale (one author writes a bit, passes it to the next who writes and bit and passes it on, etc). The aim is to provide a bit of fun at Xmas time while raising awareness for the Edmonton Food Bank which feeds people living rough.

My bit of the story is below. But you can go back to the beginning and starting clicking through all the earlier entries here . At the bottom of mine, hit the Next blog button to go to tomorrow’s installment. But not before you please please please hit the Donation button and give a little Christmas Cheer to those who desperately need it. Even a few bucks makes a massive difference. My thanks and love.

[Tip: the donation website only allows for Canadian addresses which makes it tough for the rest of us to give. Do what I did. Use a fake address and use
Edmonton, Alberta, T5M 0R5 (postal code) to get through it easily. Happy days!]


Cherrie shuddered. And thought about bloody rivers. And shuddered harder.

“Well,” she said. “This just took a dark turn. I thought this place was meant to be some kind of wonderland.”

“A wonderland, certainly,” said Agnes, catching them up. She put her one good hand on Cherie’s shoulder for balance, puffing slightly. “A wonderland that also has predatory snowmen and a corrupted tower infested with evil. It’s not so hard to accept. I mean, the world you just came from isn’t so different.”

“Earth? Earth?! Earth does not have carnivorous snowmen and evil towers polluting its waterways and exterminating dryads.”

“Oh? Earth doesn’t have people who look nice but really intend harm? Earth doesn’t have pollution that wipes out entire species?”

“No, that’s … Wait … hm.”

Agnes released Cherie’s shoulder and shoved her hand in her pocket. “My dear, this world and your world are very much alike. In fact—” She gave the East Tower and its manky stream a final glare and sniff. “—these two worlds are more connected that you might think.” She started away but Cherie stopped her with a cry of frustration.

“Hold the phone! Matter o’ fact, hold everything! Enough’s enough! A half hour ago, I’m going through your things in an attic. Now, I’ve joined you in a magical otherland. My imaginary friend is here—”

“Imaginary.” Clover snorted and found something across the stream to look at it. He muttered, “That’s offensive.”

“I’m also riding magical, talking foxes, let’s not forget that. And now, my Great-and-Resurrected Aunt is dishing out mysterious comments on the nature of reality and the universe. Can someone please—please—tell me what is going on.” As both her aunt and the pony opened their mouths to answer, Cherie added loudly, “And do not tell me the answers are in that tower!”

Agnes and the pony closed their mouths again.


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    • It’s a hoot, isn’t it? A lot of fun for a great cause.

  1. I love love love this. Such a brilliant turning point for the story! Genius.

    BTW The Alberta donation thing took my UK address without a qualm. And there I was, all ready to load up Santa’s Canadian postcode 🙂

    • Lovely! This was a LOT of fun.

      Glad the site worked for you. Maybe it’s cuz I’m in Australia. Maybe it was the device/browser I was using.

      Thanks for donating. 1200 meals provided already!

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