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Moving House. Again.

And how’s your weekend looking? Mine? Oh, I’m moving house. Again.

See how precisely labeled my boxes are? “Filing cabinet stuff” lol

We sold our home of 13 years back in May and moved into a temporary rental while builders finished our new one. (We’re downsizing, by the way).

“2-4 weeks,” our builders told us. “You’ll take ownership in 2-4 weeks.”

“Okay, we can put most of our stuff in storage and live/work out of boxes and suitcases for a month,” we thought.

And so we did.

Almost 4 months later, we’re still here, and the short-term landlord (who’s been amazing) has had to politely move us on (he has other tenants booked in). We’re meant to get the keys to our new home next Wednesday, so (you guessed it), we’re moving our day-to-day gear into another short term rental while things firm up.

To make things more complex (because, hey, why not?), even if we do take ownership on the 21st, the storage service we’ve used (who’ve been awesome) are short-staffed and can’t deliver the rest of our stuff for two more weeks.

So. Looks like we’re continuing to live like this for a little longer …

But, I must add, that a little whining is fine, but we are so much more blessed than many, many people in our country and around the world. We at least have had a roof over our heads and comfortable beds all this time. Puts things in perspective …

Hope you’re counting your blessings too.

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