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If You’re Thinking of Chasing Hell …

When an author you follow writes a novel in someone else’s universe, purchasing it can be a gamble. “Is this gonna be my cuppa tea or not?” “I don’t know that franchise so will I even understand what’s going on in it?”

CHASING HELL is quite different to my other novels: it’s more humorous for a start; it’s told in multiple first person threads; it’s military scifi; and it’s, like, book 60 of the popular Four Horsemen Universe (4HU)!

Having said that, it’s a book I’m proud of. It’s story-driven. I’ve gone deep with the characters. And I think it’s accessible even for readers not familiar with the 4HU.

There’s a couple of ways you could go if you wanted to try it (first up, with any book, you should try the Amazon sample before committing, which you can read right on the product page — use the Chris Kennedy link above to track down this book).

Approach 1) : Go straight for buying this the book alone in the franchise (or borrowing it if you’re in KU) — and have the wikipage open while reading the first third of it. Not as cumbersome a strategy as you might think. The wiki helps you get some idea of terms/tech/aliens that’ll be new to you. And it’s kinda fun to explore on its own.Click here for the wiki.

Approach 2): Buy a select series of the books that precede mine so you build up to it. If you go this rout, I’d suggest buying Cartwright’s Cavaliers (the initial novel that kicked off 4HU). Then divert along the Peacemaker subseries to which CHASING HELL belongs.

Either way, I’d love you try the novel and tell me whatcha think.

Happy readin’!

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