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All the New Year’s Resolutions I’ve Broken Already

On December 30th, I sat down and wrote all my resolutions for 2020. I was inspired, optimistic, energised. It’s now January 19th. Let’s see how I’m doin’…

Resolution: don’t buy any more books until you’ve finished ten you already own. I finished three books before I caved and bought another on January 16th. EXCUSE: c’mon, books!

Resolution: only read one Kindle and one paper book at a time (because I have this terrible habit of having 12 or more books on the go at once and then not finishing them). Made it to 16th January. EXCUSE: it was non-fiction, so that doesn’t count, right?

Resolution: learn to juggle (because reasons). So, I bought a set of juggling balls off EBAY. Package turned up on Friday. They’d sent me one ball. (And I’m already really good with it!!)

A very worried juggling ball.

Resolution: only eat junk food on Saturdays. Yeah, I broke this on January 1st (and 2nd, 3rd … in fact every day so far that hasn’t been a Saturday) … EXCUSE: is patheticism a word? If so, that’s my condition.

Resolution: only eat bread and dairy on Sundays (for reasons). Broke this on January 1st (actually, just see paragraph above).

Resolution: Give $X to charities this year. Well, due to the horrific Australian Bushfires, this hasn’t been hard. I’m already 90% there. (Please don’t go making any smartarse comments about a roman numeral in my $X above, wiseguys).

Resolution: some form of exercise each day. I’ve actioned this seven days out of the 19. Better than last year where I only exercised once! Still a long way to go. Particularly since one of my goals is to swim 20 times this year and I hate swimming. Actually, I hate exercise. I haven’t been swimming yet…

Resolution: Reintroduce some form of spiritual practise. Pfft. Next!

Resolution: Nail a bunch of writing goals. This is the one I’m actually kicking butt on. Progress made across four projects already! And article sent off to an important site and cause. We’ll see how this continues once my vacation ends and I’m back at the DDJ (Dreaded Day Job)

Resolution: Catch up with “that friend” for coffee by 2nd weekend of January. So “That friend” is code for “that friend ya love but who’s really hard work”. I’m sure you have one of those (Hey, it might be me! That would explain something actually). Yeah, this hasn’t happened. EXCUSE: I’m a bad friend and very very selfish. (By the way, if you’re reading this, it isn’t you, trust me.)

Resolution: Write one blogpost of substance per month. Hm. Does this one count?

Oh, well. There’s always next year.

… yeah I don’t get it either…

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