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  • OzComicCon Melbourne  is on, people. Dec 11 and 12 @ Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. I’ll be there in Artist Alley, selling paperbacks and chatting about all things pop culture! Extremely affordable convention: Day passes are $37 Adults, $21 for kids [Tickets here]. Hope to see you there! 
  • FELLOW AUSSIES:  autographed copies of my paperbacks are available at a lower price than you’ll get in online stores. Want one? Contact me at pete (at) petealdin (dot) com and let’s talk 🙂 
  • Prefer audiobooks? Featuring the superb voice-acting of Travis Baldree, Black Marks is now available at iTunes and Audible

Praise for Eventide

“Real science fiction!! Really great science fiction!! It’s been a while since I’ve read something this good!”

~ Goodreads Reviewer

“Gripping prose, pulsating action, and compelling characters. An engrossing read you will not want to put down. Highly recommended.”

~ Amazon Reviewer

Praise for Doomsday’s Child

“A white knuckle ride through apocalyptic Tasmania, tense storytelling you’d normally catch on The Walking Dead, and that ending… wow! Here’s hoping there’s a sequel.” ~ Ian Welke, author of The Whisperer in Dissonance and End Times at Ridgemont High

Amazon Reviewer: “This is, frankly, superb. It would be in the top five zombie / apocalypse stories that I could recommend. Bravo, sir. I would gladly read anything this author published.” (Review: Absolutely Amazing: 10/10)

“A story that exposes tendon and bone, as well as the very essence of humanity. Doomsday’s Child is compelling reading. If you love zombie fiction, then this is for you, and if zombies aren’t your thing, get it anyway, as you might just be surprised.” ~Lee Murray, author of Into the Mist and Hounds of the Underworld

Amazon Reviewer: “Elliot makes a fabulous hero. A man with many regrets, sadnesses, PTSD and heavy loads to bear, who had been raised without any love, yet always does his best for his comrades and keeps his moral compass straight.” (Review: The New Benchmark for Both Post Apocalypse and Zombie Apocalypse books 5 stars)

“Keen and moving storytelling, an edge-of-the-seat thrill ride of a plot, and an ending that you won’t see coming. Add this one to your reading list.” ~ Kevin Ikenberry, author of The Protocol War series and Peacemaker