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Doomsday’s Child (series)

DOOMSDAY’S CHILD (series book one)

Elliot is alive.
Billions are dead.
Millions more are a little bit of both.

As a former US Army Ranger, Elliot is used to getting the hard tasks.

In the post-collapse wasteland of Tasmania, it’s difficult enough to survive when you’re going it alone. So when Elliot is made responsible for orphaned boy Lewis, a hard task gets even harder.

Hunted by the men who murdered Lewis’s family – as well as by the teeming undead – Elliot tries to teach the boy what it takes to survive in this harsh new world. He’s not sure Lewis has what it takes to make it.

As the body count rises and the undead close in, Elliot’s not sure he does either.

REVIEWs for book one at the bottom of this page.

To purchase: Amazon (kindle or paperback)

RESCUE MISSION (series book 1.5)

Mere days after the battle for The Downs, Elliot has a new purpose.

With Lewis delivered into relative safety, Elliot has unfinished business with the outlaws who took the boy in the first place.
If they still have Lewis’s sister, if she’s alive, Elliot will combat the dregs of humanity to get her out. 

And if she isn’t? Well. Either way it’s gonna cost them …

When civilization falls, the violent inherit the earth.

Written in present tense, this 10,000 word novelette Rescue Mission captures the immediacy and tension of an action movie. (Bonus short story The Bridge included)

To purchase: Amazon (kindle) or Kobo. Also, it’s available for Apple/Android/Windows/eReader from Booktopia and Angus & Robertson.

CAME MONSTERS (series book 2)

Peace is merely the calm between storms …

Three and a half years have passed since Elliot’s friends took The Downs from slavers. With the deaders rotting away and the biker gangs destroyed by their own infighting, life within the farm’s fences has been hard but peaceful.

Now a new danger threatens the peace, one that can’t be vanquished with blades or bullets, humanity’s oldest adversary: disease.

To save their home, Elliot and Angie must team up with two men they don’t quite trust and cross into hostile territory for a secret government cache of medicines.

There, they will risk the attentions of a new and powerful enemy … and Elliot will come face-to-ugly-face with some very fresh and very hungry undead …

Amazon US (or search within your local Amazon store)

RECKONING (series book 3)

The stunning conclusion to the Doomsday’s Child series.

As Elliot’s team fight to make their land a safe place for all, everything is going well … until it isn’t.

The road to peace will be paved with the bodies of the dead … and the undead.

Available worldwide from Amazon

(All these paperbacks are available from Booktopia or Angus & Robertson in Australia, but Aussies will get them cheaper by contacting me directly).


“A white knuckle ride through apocalyptic Tasmania, tense storytelling you’d normally catch on The Walking Dead, and that ending… wow! Here’s hoping there’s a sequel.” ~ Ian Welke, author of The Whisperer in Dissonance and End Times at Ridgemont High

Amazon Reviewer: “This is, frankly, superb. It would be in the top five zombie / apocalypse stories that I could recommend. Bravo, sir. I would gladly read anything this author published.” (Review: Absolutely Amazing: 10/10)

“A story that exposes tendon and bone, as well as the very essence of humanity. Doomsday’s Child is compelling reading. If you love zombie fiction, then this is for you, and if zombies aren’t your thing, get it anyway, as you might just be surprised.” ~Lee Murray, author of Into the Mist and Hounds of the Underworld

Amazon Reviewer: “Elliot makes a fabulous hero. A man with many regrets, sadnesses, PTSD and heavy loads to bear, who had been raised without any love, yet always does his best for his comrades and keeps his moral compass straight.” (Review: The New Benchmark for Both Post Apocalypse and Zombie Apocalypse books 5 stars)

“Keen and moving storytelling, an edge-of-the-seat thrill ride of a plot, and an ending that you won’t see coming. Add this one to your reading list.” ~ Kevin Ikenberry, author of The Protocol War series