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What’s Comin’ Up in 2022?

What’s comin’ up in Pete’s Writerverse? Well, lemme tell ya …
I’m focused on three projects this year (and a possible fourth if the planets align).

Epic Fantasy.

I’m currently working with a publisher on an epic fantasy novel. Can’t say more than that at this early stage, except that this is a project I’m super-excited about. The editor loves the project as much as I do, but we’re gonna tweak and rehash some parts of it. Let’s hope that’s a quick process

A collaboration.

Again, I won’t say too much here (“Oh, great Pete!! Are you actually telling us anything at all?!”).

This project is with a fantasy author, but the genre will be definitely space opera. New universe (we’ve co-created), great characters. He’s writing one character’s thread, I’m writing the other. And it’s coming together very well.

A new giveaway for my newsletter subscribers.

Okay, I’ll give some actual info here. Many of you know, I have a newsletter which goes out occasionally to subscribers. When you sign up, you get a free ebook. (Go here if interested).

I’m now writing a new novella for my subscribers. It’s titled “Exclusion Zone” and features Peacemaker Marine Denise Westermann (a minor character in the ENVOYS series) who finally gets her own story. I can tell you this tale takes place ten years before THIRD CONTACT and it fills in backstory/detail for the following things:

  • the pirates of the Confederation
  • the political background for the Confederation (other cultures within it)
  • procedures preventing the scourge of the PBT virus ever erupting again
  • what Peacemakers do when they’re not going to meet new alien species.

And yes, these are teaser snips from the cover art. 😀

A Fourth Project?

I mentioned also a fourth project. I’ve starting outlining the next CUSET-DCHC universe full novel. This will take place in the CUSET era (back in the 22nd Century, ten years before the dark age starts). It’ll be action focused, and will (in some way) bring back the Black Caps we met in EVENTIDE. At this stage, it’ll also include mercenaries (not something we’ve seen in this universe yet).

All up, a busy year. And one I’m already enjoying immensely. (On the home front, we’re currently selling our house and building a new one — not something I’m enjoying at all, lol!)

Stay tuned.

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