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4 Excellent Werewolf Novels

Werewolves. An awe-inspiring creature that is so often poorly portrayed in film, TV and book. But there aresome superb wolf stories out there.

A great werewolf novel is not an erotic romance where werewolves wear leather jackets and roam in packs. It’s a monster story: antsy, atmospheric, dark, violent. It’s a thriller, not a swoone, not a soap opera. It has more in common with Jekyll and Hyde or Incredible Hulk than it does with Twilight (sorry Stephanie!). If this is the way you prefer your werewolf tales, then here’s four books you MUST download a sample of …

  1. Mongrels: literary fiction about a werewolf family. Made me laugh. Moved me. Had me gripping my chair arms at times. Wonderful stuff.
  2. The Wolf in the Attic. While this mightn’t start violently, it gets there. Like Mongrels, it deals in part with belonging and with an adolescent finding her place/identity in an unfriendly world. Imagine a story where a Chronicles of Narnia child genders a netherworld where people say “fuck”, change shape and do questionable things. It features brilliantly rendered cameos from CS Lewis and Tolkein (the book is set in the 1930s). Clever, atmospheric.
  3. Carnies by Martin Livings. This Aussie lycan tale is your classic “I’ve turned into a WHAT!?!”. It’s wonderfully Australian and it’s pretty decent werewolf fare.
  4. Chimera Shakes. A short ebook novelette by an indie author, this one is a little left field. Our main character is a hitman. Or is he? A werewolf. Or is he? I loved every paragraph of this, not least because it reminded me of Mad Max: Fury Road in so much as you can watch that movie and view the entire thing as a psychotic episode on Max’s part. Same with this book. Take a look.

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