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…in which Pete joins the annual Months of Madness campaign


JR Jackson’s 2nd Annual Months of Madness is now upon us. And this year, the first Doomsday’s Child novel joins the campaign.

Starting October 1 and running for 99 days, all ebooks within Mr Jackson’s Up From The Depths series will be $.99. As will Doomsday’s Child 1. That’s right; all ebooks within the series will be $.99 for 99 Days!

If you’re new to either series, now’s your chance to get on board.

But wait. There’s more. Another author joining the Months of Madness is Emil Skalonja.

You can find the various books here:

How cool is that?

Tell your friends, let them know the Months of Madness start October 1 and end January 7, 2019.