December, 2012: Month in Review

It’s been a great month…

I’ve paused at Christmas to truly count my blessings for having a job, for having a wonderful family, for living in a country where I’m free to practise my religion (one day, I might even get good at it – boom boom!)…

And I’ve finally had time after a few months of working 6-7 days a week, to do writerly stuff.

In December, I:

  • submitted a story rejected 10 times for an eleventh shot at publication. This time it was picked up by an awesome-looking upcoming short story collection (anthology) scheduled for early in 2013;
  • heard back from the dark and delightful Niteblade magazine that I’ve another story acceptance there too;
  • completed 3rd draft of my current novel project, ready to send it off to a round of beta readers for feedback;
  • redrafted another short story for my writers’ group meeting next month;
  • had some positive and educational feedback on an outline for a new horror novel project from the wonderful Joseph D’Lacey…by far the highlight!!

May all of you enjoy a safe and prosperous New Year. Here’s to another year of reading and writing wonderful literature. God bless!!


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