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Congrats to the Australian Horror Writers’ Association SHORT STORY COMPETITION winner Joanne Anderton with “Always a Price” and to the FLASH COMPETITION winner Shauna O’Meara with “Blood Lilies”. I look forward to reading both pieces in Midnight Echo.


Unfortunately for me, this means my story “Mud” (having not won) now begins the search for a new home.


“Mud” was shortlisted for Andromeda Spaceways last year but didn’t make the cut. It’s been knocked back from several other publications since, and I find that weird personally, because I think it’s a more polished piece (and a historically interesting one) than Night Music or The Bridge, both of which had no problem selling.


Perhaps it’s the length: at 6900 words, it’s a harder sell than a 3 or 4 thousand word piece. Anyway, it’s back to the drawing board for “Mud” as its author tries to decide between submitting to a magazine, anthology or perhaps another comp.


1 June 2012: The Week in Review


Aye, it’s been a grand week for me, writing-wise. Finishing anything always gives me a great feeling of “Yeah, baby!” This week I’ve finished (finally) editing the 3rd chapter of my current novel project. But not only that, I got a short story written from scratch and polished and submitted to a competition, all in five days.


For this last, one I have a few people thank:

  • Lee Maston who made me aware of a thriller short story competition (weird thing is, the competition didn’t allow you to write anything related to crime, violence, swearing or danger…so I submitted it to another competition with double the prize money up for grabs! But thanks, Lee, for sparking this for me)
  • Ian, Rachel and Kev for very quick turnarounds on critiques. You three were so responsive, it kept the fire alive in me for the piece


Hopefully, come August 31st, I’ll be crowing about another publication! (And I’ll have some free copies in the mail to four of my friends).


This week, I also had one of those conversations with a teenager (in my day job) where I was both thankful for the normality of my own life and realising afresh that many people live in their own private hells day in and day out. My heart went out to a somewhat twisted but nevertheless courageous young person wrestling with being someone she could be proud in the midst of an insane family life. I was reminded afresh that we have the chance at any moment to add light and encouragement to someone’s journey, and I continue to pray that I remain switched on enough to do just that.


Happy reading, happy writing, happy days!


ACCEPTANCE: The Most Beautiful Word in a Writer’s World


Only a writer can know what it means to send out a story to a “market” (ie., magazine or anthology), to wait and wait and wait for months for an answer, to open their emails one day and see a reply from an editor, to hesitate before opening the reply because “it could be an acceptance, but what if it’s not, what if they hated it, but then again, it could be, OH JUST OPEN IT!” The emotional rollercoaster of letting other people prescribe value on your work is fearful and fun at the same time. But in the end, you just want someone to publish the stuff.


How happy I was to open an email last week and find that a story had been accepted by Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine! The story Illegal (cowritten with my buddy Kevin Ikenberry) will appear soon in ASIM’s hallowed pages and I’ll let you all know when it’s available.


And I’ll talk more about collaborations with other writers soon. But for now, I’m just basking in the warmth that is acceptance.


Latest News

  • Pete’s sword & sorcery novel Last Among Equals is currently on submission at Angry Robot books. Pete’s pretending not to be nervous but he is.
  • Illegal – a short story set on a Chinese-owned asteroid colony and co-written with Kevin Ikenberry is on hold at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine while they consider it for future publication.
  • Mud – a World War 1 horror story has been entered in the Something Or Other competition. We’ll find out May 2012 where it placed.
  • The first draft of a medieval fantasy murder mystery novel is done and awaiting its first redrafting.