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…in which Pete joins the annual Months of Madness campaign


JR Jackson’s 2nd Annual Months of Madness is now upon us. And this year, the first Doomsday’s Child novel joins the campaign.

Starting October 1 and running for 99 days, all ebooks within Mr Jackson’s Up From The Depths series will be $.99. As will Doomsday’s Child 1. That’s right; all ebooks within the series will be $.99 for 99 Days!

If you’re new to either series, now’s your chance to get on board.

But wait. There’s more. Another author joining the Months of Madness is Emil Skalonja.

You can find the various books here:

How cool is that?

Tell your friends, let them know the Months of Madness start October 1 and end January 7, 2019.




So What’s Next, Pete?


A few readers have been asking me variations on the question “So what’s next?”

So here’s my answers to those variations:

  • Both novels have been attracting terrific reviews and there have been questions about sequels for both. At the moment, there’ll be no sequel for Black Marks (sorry!), but there’ll be plenty for Doomsday’s Child (can I hear an amen?).
  • With Black Marks (BM), I’ve tinkered with ideas for a sequel for a couple of years now (that novel’s been essentially finished for that long), but I’m yet to come up with something that won’t dilute or cheapen the impact and themes of the initial story.
  • With Doomsday’s Child (DC), I am already well down the road to completing the first of two (and possibly three) followups. Book 2’s first draft is nearly complete. I’m also writing a short story for release between Books 2 and 3 (it’ll sit before the original story and so be kind of a 0.5 in terms of chronology). The short story’s first draft is halfway complete.
  • Like many authors, I have other projects at various stages of completion. One thing I’m considering is releasing some medieval fantasy under a pseudonym. Reasons being that a) it’ll be a different genre from my other novels, b) it will potentially be a little more upbeat, fun, PG-rated. I’m interested in the thoughts of anyone who can be bothered commenting here: would it bother you to buy a book with Pete Aldin’s name on it which wasn’t dark, gritty, violent and full of bad language? Is that what you’ve come to expect? Or would you like something I’ve written which is completely different from the noir thriller style? (BTW, you can purchase a book of short fiction of mine — on all platforms including iTunes and Kobo — which would give you a sample of my range. The Kindle copy can be found here: Nine Tales. 99cents).
  • There’s a collaboration with another author in the winds (maybe two collaborations), but we won’t get to them until next year. I’m also chipping away at a scifi crime thriller which may be done next year some time, but I’m hoping to shop that around some major publishers. Initial feedback from critiquers on the first draft is very positive.
  • However. In terms of you the Reader, what’s next will be more Elliot. More DC. More post-apocalyptic shenanigans exploring life in an emerging dark age. I’m enjoying writing it and that has to translate into fun for the reader.

Hey. Thanks for asking! 🙂

Black Marks Winners


Congratulations to the five Goodreads Giveaway winners. Your copy of Black Marks will be in the mail shortly.

I hope you enjoy. Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck with some other giveaways out there…

Cover Reveal: Black Marks


With the impending release of Black Marks on March 30 (2017), I’m proud to reveal the novel’s cover (created by Chuck Regan)…



Can you guess the subject matter?



amazon 1Our scifi short story Illegal. Just yesterday, the #1 Amazon Best Seller on 45 Minute Science Fiction short read list and the top Hot New Release. Plus it moved to number 4 in 45-minute lit & fic short fiction and is on that Hot New Release list. Pretty darn happy, Kevin Ikenberry. This picture is a cut and paste of both lists. You’ll have to click on it to see it clearly, but our cover is bottom left of both lists…

B is for Broken…and r is for release


B is for Broken – an anthology

Broken people, broken promises, broken dreams and broken objects are just some of the ways these 26 fantastic stories interpret the theme of ‘Broken’. From science fiction to fantasy, horror to superheroes the stories within these pages cover a vast swath of the genres under the speculative fiction umbrella.

I’m proud to be a part of this series and this volume. I feel like it might just contain my best short story yet. And I’m in excellent company…

~ Brittany Warman ~ Milo James Fowler ~ C.S. MacCath ~ Sara Cleto ~ Samantha Kymmell-Harvey ~ Megan Arkenberg ~ Gary B. Phillips ~ Alexandra Seidel ~ Jonathan C. Parrish ~ Simon Kewin ~ Beth Cato ~ Cory Cone ~ Cindy James ~ Alexis A. Hunter ~ Michael M. Jones ~ Steve Bornstein ~ BD Wilson ~ Michael Kellar ~ Damien Angelica Walters ~ Marge Simon ~ Michael Fosburg ~ Suzanne van Rooyen ~ L.S. Johnson ~  Gabrielle Harbowy ~ Lilah Wild ~ KV Taylor ~

B is for Broken is released by Poise and Pen. Its official page can be found here and its Goodreads profile here. If you’re buying (or sampling) an electronic copy, I’d prefer you went to Smashwords (in keeping with my largely anti-corporation values).


Praise for B is for Broken:


“This collection is a massive and magnificent assortment of truly enjoyable stories. There is simply no way to read this book  and not find a story you can connect with or love. This is the book to have in your travel bag. In it you are sure to find a tale to fit any mood. Each time you open it, a new adventure begins.”

~ Anita Allen, Assistant Publisher/Editor, Mythic Delirium Books

Star Wars Ep 7 Cast Reveal

Everyone else will be tweeting, Googleplussing, FBing and blogging about this. So why not me?

I’m not sure whether to be hyperexcited or hypercynical about this. I’m so conflicted.

On the downside:

1. Abrams? Really? Although he did work miracles with the Star Trek reboot, most of the time his work entices only to disappoint.

2. [SPOILER] Chewbacca? But he died in the novels. And he died well. It irritates me that they’ll move away from the novel canon which has been carefully maintained and thought-out.

3. Carrie Fisher et al. Part of me is excited to see the original trio of actors (Fisher, Hamill, Ford) who maintained such awesome chemistry on screen. But they are not as we remember them (duh!), or as they appear (are represented) in the novels. I’m concerned this will detract from the film’s “cred”…

On the upside:

1. Max von Sydow. That’s all I’m saying.

2. Andy Serkis. As long as he ain’t Jar Jar (as I applaud this journalist for saying), the mind boggles and his role is sure to be awesome.

3. The droids. Yes. Yes. Yes. Lucas’ original idea was to have them as the common threads in the long saga. I like it. I like it a lot.

…The 11 year old in me is doing the gopher dance. And maybe the 47 year old should listen to him. He needs the magic of this series back in his life.

Whips, Shotguns and “Mud”

Perhaps I should have called this post “Monsters, Murders and Magic Trees”, given the subject matter of my latest writings. It’s been a great 6 weeks for me since the middle of March. A story in Niteblade and another (free) one over at Out of the Gutter. To top it all off…

Hazardous Press announces the release of Horrific History, featuring stories from a bevy of talented writers … and one by me. (Hilarious, I know). My contribution is titled “Mud“, a World War 1 horror tale and my homage to all the brave men who selflessly sacrifice life and sanity in causes they largely don’t understand at the time.

The anthology:

Evil has lurked behind the scenes since the dawn of time. Read the story behind the stories, and you’ll never look at history the same way again.

Featuring tales by Brent Abell, Pete Aldin, Jason Andrew, Monette Bebow-Reinhard, Rose Blackthorn, Rebecca L. Brown, Deborah Drake, T. Fox Dunham, Gwendolyn Edward, Aaron J. French, Tara Fox Hall, Christian A. Larsen, Ken MacGregor, Lynne MacLean, Adam Millard, Douglas J. Moore, Doug Murano, Christopher S. Nelson, Brent Nichols, Emerian Rich, Stephen D. Rogers, Julianne Snow, Cameron Suey, Jenny Twist, D. Alexander Ward, Jay Wilburn, David Williamson and Lee Clark Zumpe.

Available currently from Amazon.

December, 2012: Month in Review

It’s been a great month…

I’ve paused at Christmas to truly count my blessings for having a job, for having a wonderful family, for living in a country where I’m free to practise my religion (one day, I might even get good at it – boom boom!)…

And I’ve finally had time after a few months of working 6-7 days a week, to do writerly stuff.

In December, I:

  • submitted a story rejected 10 times for an eleventh shot at publication. This time it was picked up by an awesome-looking upcoming short story collection (anthology) scheduled for early in 2013;
  • heard back from the dark and delightful Niteblade magazine that I’ve another story acceptance there too;
  • completed 3rd draft of my current novel project, ready to send it off to a round of beta readers for feedback;
  • redrafted another short story for my writers’ group meeting next month;
  • had some positive and educational feedback on an outline for a new horror novel project from the wonderful Joseph D’Lacey…by far the highlight!!

May all of you enjoy a safe and prosperous New Year. Here’s to another year of reading and writing wonderful literature. God bless!!


Co Slose Co Slose and Set Yo Far.


In April, I nervously formatted and sent my submission for my sword-&-sorcery novel to a publishing house I love and respect and I was therefore doubly gleeful when I received an email in August stating: “We like it. Send the whole thing for us to read.”


A few days ago, I saw an email from them sitting in my inbox. To Open, or Not To Open, that was the question. Actually, it was just fear, so I Opened. As rejections go, I couldn’t have asked for a more empowering or encouraging one. Among other things, it said,


I’m actually gutted to be sending you this email because I really enjoyed your full, but we have taken on something that, while not the same plot, has very much the same style and characters. Hence they won’t be able to take yours forward any further, but rest assured that your book is very good and you should be submitting it elsewhere. I would definitely buy it!


Missed it by that  much.


So. Crushing? Not really. Deflating? For about ten minutes. I really wanted this label to publish my novel. But the fact that a professional editor loved my work is one of the most validating moments of my life. (I don’t know what that says about me. Maybe I need to get out more??)


I’m now recrafting the thing to send elsewhere in hopes of a sale. And getting on with the other two novel projects I have on the hop. Such is the looooooong journey toward publication. Such is life in a writer’s world. Co slose, co slose and set yo far.