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Latest News

  • Inhuman – my first audio story – available free now.
  • Illegal – cowritten with Kevin Ikenberry – hit #1 on two Amazon best seller lists. Get it now for a LOW low price.
  • C is for Chimera and B is for Broken have been unleashed upon the world. Some absolutely wonderful stories in there … including two of mine! (Snippet from my Broken story below)

HERE lies a wonderful child. Here lies a beautiful boy. Blood of my blood. Flesh of my flesh. My own heart made real.
The tot sleeps soundly beneath deer skins, woollen blankets and fleece while the fireplace burns its last log of the long night. There’s enough light from the fire’s glow to make my way about the cabin without cracking my shins – and enough for me to make out the shape of his nose, the curl of his hair.
This, my son. This, my gift to a world that will never want him.
A world that hates us both.
I drag the fleece to his chin. He murmurs, wriggles until it slips back down. I smile.
He is everything to me, just as I am to him.
But I won’t always be. He’ll grow up. He’ll become as I am, a man hating his own father.
This thought is fresh, a dagger’s thrust to the heart. I’ve often thought of the day he’ll no longer sigh Papa upon awakening; that will sadden me but I will survive it. Every father does. But how will I bear the day when he no longer wants and needs my arm, my advice, my company? The day when dark thoughts cloud his expression as he sees me for what I am and himself for what I’ve made him?”